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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shouting Is The Way To Go

Third day.

Less stalls to deal with today as some of the smaller ones give up battling for trade with the bigger ones and go home.

First aid duty brings an epileptic fit and a competitor who is also a paramedic running. Good job really, as that’s a bit out of my sphere of experience. I’ve only done a council run emergency first aid course.

Our members are looking ace in their new polo shirts, even though they are a bit on the warm side. I get chance to speak to the company who made them and they vow to find something cooler for next year, when of course the weather will be much more typically British and everyone will be asking for club anoraks instead.

L asks if she can watch the dogs compete today, which is not a problem or rather not THE problem. I think the problem was bringing MD to watch Doggo and then allowing Doggo to watch him.

With MD watching, Doggo goes off like a turbo charged rocket on his Veterans course, as if trying to impress him, and for the first time in three years I can’t keep up with him. We mess up jump number five. Where did that start come from? Actually I might ask L and MD to watch again, just next time I’ll be ready for it.

MD is then so hyped up that most of his first course ends up on the floor as he dismantles it. He does calm down though and he’s next two runs are both clear. Wow. They were two tricky courses where I had to shout at him a lot. I figure shouting at him a lot is the way to go.

We get 12th in the Olympia qualifier that is open to dogs two grades higher than him and into a run-off for 9th in his own Grade 3 Agility. A run-off we sadly lose. I didn’t think there was much chance of us going clear twice on the same course but we gave it a good shot.

My brother turns up to watch, sadly as things are winding down so I can’t really show him much. Doggo takes the chance to have a good growl at him, they never have got on since that ‘issue’ eleven years ago. Doggo never forgets.

Then it’s time to pack up and then to head home. Show done for another year.

(Sunday 28th July)

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