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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Steam Yourself Dry

L went on her bike to work today and got absolutely soaked the brave soul. I’m so proud of her.
I went to work on the bus and also got absolutely soaked. It was also late, which didn’t help. At least the weather is still hot enough to steam yourself dry quite quickly.

Then it pretty much thunders all day, waiting for us to make the return journeys.

Only I outfox it and stay in Derby for some drinks with old school friends, four us tonight. Drinks in the Brunswick and then food in the Babington.

Back home L discovers Doggo has leapt the dog gate and got himself stuck the wrong side again. More stuck that ever this time because I had stacked the eleven boxes of dog show trophies on that side of the gate. Deliberately so that they wouldn’t topple over and flatten one of the dogs.

(Tuesday 23rd July)

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