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Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Bit Gloomy

Something I rarely do is oversleep but today I do, meaning I’m too late to bike or catch the bus. So I drive in and bizarrely arrive far too early because there was no traffic. No idea why.

We go to the Waterfall for our pub lunch solely because the Abbot Ale is on. Allegedly. This isn’t strictly accurate as it doesn’t taste very on. I think it’s back to the Brunswick next time.

I attempt to book tennis for tonight but the online system won’t give us a court because apparently there’s not enough light to play at 7pm any more and all four of the floodlit courts are booked. We vow to go anyway and if they won’t let us pay we’ll have to play for free instead.

They take our money and the light is fine at 7pm but gets a bit gloomy by half past and gloomier still by 7:45. Still we get two long sets in, 6-4 6-4 (pleased with that), which takes us to about 8:10 by which point it could probably be described as dark. We book a floodlit court for next week.

(Thursday 5th September)

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