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Friday, 6 September 2013

Walk? Breakfast?

Daughter goes back to Sheffield for the day to work and will then come back later to dog sit. L gets up early and takes her to the station. 

The dogs look a bit gutted when I leave as well before they’ve even been out. Doggo was saying ‘Walk?’ MD was saying ‘Breakfast?’ I assure them that their mum will be back soon and will be spending the whole day off with them. So not only will they be off for a walk, a yap and a sniff, after breakfast they'll be able to play football for the rest of the day.

I take the bus rather than bike because it's starting to rain and the forecast is horrible but I still get soaked walking from bus station. It's so wet I don't bother going out to get any lunch and raid my desk drawers for something to eat instead.

When I get home the gas is off because of the workmen still digging in the street and in our front garden. Eventually I manage to find a workman to drag inside and switch it back on again.

L crawls home later from a double session of exercise classes. Her first attempt at the new misspelt Vipr, where you appear to have hurl something around that looks like a mini caber. I hope she wasn’t planning on using her arms for anything afterwards? That is apart from the following pump class. I'm worried her arms will ache so much that she might drop the pump weights on her foot. We don’t want any more injuries.

(Friday 6th September)

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