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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

First Christmas Tree

One of the Nottingham’s pubs has been the first to put a Christmas Tree up on its roof. I won’t say which pub because I’m sure they’ve only done it for the publicity. Sadly, the local paper has fallen for it and printed a picture of it. Now of course, someone will try and trump then with an even earlier one next year.

I get the bus into work with the aim of running after work. Which I do but throughout my ankle doesn’t feel right, like the bones are grinding together. This isn’t unusual and has been an on-off condition since I spent years trashing my ankle on astroturf whilst playing football.

I can usually run it off but tonight it just gets worse. I was about to hop on a bus after a few miles but just missed it. With half an hour to the next one I pushed on and probably shouldn’t have done. By the time I get home its swelling up nicely.

Before things had got too critical I had stopped off in Derby’s new bike shop Cyclo Monster which is mainly a cyclocross place but does have road bikes as well. L seems open to the suggestion of a proper road bike with ‘curly’ handlebars, well it was her second choice after a trike, so I thought I’d see if they’d got any girlie specific ones. They have, the Scott Contessa, but it’s a bit pricey. I tell them we’ll think on it.

(Wednesday 18th September)

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