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Wednesday 11 September 2013

Bread And Dripping

L suggests that I should perhaps be shopping for bread and dripping today, taking into account our cosmopolitan weekend away in Budapest. It wasn’t that expensive to be fair, once there anyway. The amount of money bunged to BA was more than I’m used to paying but I wasn’t about to let them get out of honouring our vouchers. Which from their point of view is why they gave them to us.

Anyhow, I couldn’t find the dripping aisle. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one of course, I can’t find a lot of things at Sainsburys.

One thing I did find was a Sainsburys beer festival! Binge time. They had a load of special beers in their ‘seasonal aisle’, which somehow I stumbled into. Good job I wasn’t looking for beer in the beer aisle. The ‘seasonal aisle’ is there all year round but I’ve never managed to see any ‘seasonal’ connection between the items in it.

At dog training the new trainer who has been standing in for our injured trainer has to stand in for our other trainer, so our injured trainer offers to stand in for the new trainer who has been standing in for herself, if someone assists her. I assist and it’s actually quite fun.

(Wednesday 11th September)

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