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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Cycling Underwater

Yesterday’s race leaves me with a tight calf, so I’ll leave off the running for a few days. Instead I take the bike to work. I also take my swimming kit, just in case they’ll let me in. Tuesday’s will have to be my new (occasional) swim night as the leisure centre have inexplicably scrapped the Wednesday night lane session, which was possibly the most popular swim session they had.

It’s off the menu so that they can run an underwater cycling class and lo and behold, there they are. Lots of odd looking bikes lined up around the poolside. I was expecting something a kin to a kid’s bike from Fisher Price in bright yellow plastic but these are more your typical metal spin bikes. 

My swim doesn’t go well, which isn’t unusual I suppose but my new goggles break as I attempt to adjust the straps and before I even get chance to wear them for the first time.  

(Tuesday 10th September)

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