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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Owner Shaming

We drive down to Heathrow and take a mid afternoon flight to Budapest. It’s with British Airways now necessarily by choice but due to the discount we got after the lost skis debacle in back March in Toulouse.

After the two and a half hour flight another lifetime ambition is realised. I've always sort of wanted a chauffeur standing at arrivals holding a board with my name on it. Today it happens because we have booked a taxi transfer to the Hotel. Which was rather good value as it happens. The service works well and the chap will be there to pick us up again on Monday.

Our hotel is on Heroes Square, where apparently Madonna warbled her way through Evita while pretending she was in Buenos Aries, close to the City Park where the race start is tomorrow. So after settling in, we attempt to find the race village and stumble across a rap concert in the City Park instead. Unless it's a very lively pre-race pasta party.

We hydrate with a beer or three from a street stall. It’s very nice and surprisingly dark too. It washed down the kebab and strudel we have with it. Hardly your typical pre-race food but then this isn't your typical race.

As we sup our beer the dog sitter (Daughter) starts sending us ‘dog shaming’ photos only it’s us who are being shamed for leaving them. Actually MD looks like he’s pleading with us to come home and rescue him.

(Saturday 7th September)

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