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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Not Pretty

In the middle of the night I fall over and bang my head, quite badly. L says I was drunk, personally I think I just had one of my famous fainting fits but either way, the damage is the same and not pretty.

It doesn’t stop the boys getting another killer park session, or the hedge getting cut or L getting to visit a couple of bike shops.

One thing that doesn’t happen is the Northampton Half Marathon but that has nothing to do with the head wound and everything to do with the ankle I injured on Wednesday.

As a temporary measure, and perhaps as a permanent everyday use one, we get L’s old racer out of the shed. This was second hand when she got it and has the old style gear levers on the frame. Still it's got previous, she’s done a few triathlons on it.

(Sunday 22nd September)

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