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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Can't Be Too Careful

I cycle to work as I can’t walk. Actually, cycling doesn’t prove too easy either and that’s before I get a puncture. I really must change my rear tyre, it’s so thin there’s no wonder I’m getting flats.

I park up at work and make sure it’s locked up really well. Can't be too careful. L cycles too and does an impressive 10k. On the gym bike of course, in the absence of a real one.

The police still haven’t managed to issue with us with a crime number. Their system, which sends them out by text, has crashed and there are apparently 150 of us waiting for one. Technology eh?

I cancel squash... the ankle is that bad. L is horrified because I never cancel anything or perhaps because she’s supposed to be my understudy. Although I don’t think this applies to squash or to Sunday’s Northampton Half Marathon. 

(Thursday 19th September)

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