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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Time To Rebook The Hotel

L’s sister kindly suggests I tape L’s mouth shut. Which is an interesting suggestion. It has something to do with breathing through it at night being bad for you. Apparently we should use our noses more because they naturally filter the air, warm it, and divert it neatly into the lungs. If you tape my mouth shut I’d die because my nose doesn’t work.

Our hotel in Budapest emails to cancel our booking. Which is nice of them. Apparently they blame the online booking company for not knowing they were full even though we booked it back in April... More like your mates turned up looking for a room.

Not much we can do though, other than tell them where they can insert their alternative offer, which is several miles out of the centre of town. At least we haven’t paid anything up front and there are plenty of others to choose from. I play it safe this time, eschewing quaint looking independent hotels and book us into the local Ibis.

I run after work and do about 9.5 miles. As I wait to get the bus the rest of the way, I realise that Trent Barton appear to have re-launched their 'live times' tracking service. Not before time. They did champion this before backing away from the technology and letting Nottingham City Council's Nctx overtake them. Highly embarrassing. Apparently the current bus war with Yourbus is behind this. If Yourbus are achieving anything, it's making the highly complacent Trent Barton up their game.

So now instead of a bus simply disappearing off the electronic signs when it is one second late, e.g. all buses, it now tells you when it's due. Today in Stapleford this yoyos...3 mins, 1 mins, 3 mins, 1 mins, 3 mins, 1 mins, due. This is how it was three years ago but still better than nothing and at least I knew I hadn't missed it.

I get home to find that by contrast Daughter has arrived, on time and on schedule. Blimey. It’ll be good to see her and to have someone else throwing footballs.

(Tuesday 3rd September)

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