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Friday 27 September 2013

Another Late Fitness Test

A policeman comes to work to tell us about the huge number of bikes being stolen from around the area and to ask if we’ve seen any undesirables around the place, other than the ones who work here that is. Great news, I’m not sure the insurance would believe me if we had another one stolen.

A late fitness test this evening, to decide whether I throw the towel in as regards Sunday’s half marathon. I jog the mile into Spondon and that goes ok, relatively speaking e.g the pain doesn't reduce me to tears. I then take the bus most of the way home and jog the remaining two miles or so.

I decide that the ankle really only hurts (as in a lot) when I go up hill and as the new Nottingham Half Marathon course is apparently ‘fast n flat’ I guess than means I’m in. It’s not going to be pretty though.

L and boys walk towards me to see if I need any help to hobble home. As Doggo tries to pull us all into one of the local pubs, I consider that anaesthetising the pain might be a good idea. On second thoughts though, we have stronger alcohol at home, as well as ice packs and if all else fails L can always take my mind off it.

(Friday 27th September)

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