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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Get A Dog

On the bike today and then afterwards the final tennis game of the season. It goes well, sadly I always seem to get the hang of tennis by the time we are finishing up for the year. 4-6 4-4 but just about to go 5-4 up when my opponent who has been limping for some time retires hurt. C’est la vie.

I suspect he’s has come pre-injured from too much gardening. He’s been complaining they have taken on far too much with the garden at their new house. I’ve advised him to get a dog, then he won’t have a garden. Problem solved.

Back at home, I start the process of changing my best bike over to its new set of wheels, hopefully in time for Sunday’s Sportive. No chance. Yes, the front one is easy but the rear one... possibly beyond my technical skills even with Google's help. 

(Thursday 12th September)

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