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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Is It Too Early To Put The Central Heating On?

The BBC asks if it’s too early to put the central heating on? Of course. November is good for me. I don’t wish to give those pesky energy companies a penny more than necessary. The problem arrives though when you have a female with a faulty thermostat in the house or, as is the situation at work, a resident cold person who likes the heating on at 100 degrees. Not that the bills at work affect me but I have to have my window open or else I’d have passed out . It's not his fault really but the fault of silly open plan offices.

I have taken my running kit to work even though I won’t get chance to run tonight as I’m out on the ale. Instead I consider a lunchtime run but it's still very damp and cold outside. Obviously not ‘put the heating on’ sort of cold but the type of cold my calves wouldn't thank me for exposing them to without a hot bath waiting for them afterwards. So running is out.

As I head off for a few beers with my old school chums L rings with the shocking news that somebody has pinched her bike out of her work’s car park. What can you say? B******s.

(Tuesday 17th September)

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