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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Decision Wrestling

MD’s energy levels seem to have been ramping up all week, meaning it’s been even more copious amounts of football than usual. He’s even been eating his meals with his ball sat at the side of his bowl. He doesn’t like to let it out of his sight. What he needs is a killer park session, I haven’t taken the boys on one for a while. So today I put that right.

Then I head off to the match while L heads up to Sheffield to see something lovely, mushy and weepy with Daughter. If she wanted to see tears she could have stayed at home and watched me wrestle with my decision whether to run on Sunday or not but she chooses to see a film instead.

Actually, I’m already working on the assumption of not running. At least I can now meet her afterwards and we can go for a drink or three.

I watch Derby lose again at home, 3-1, and then after a few hours at home kicking balls for the dogs I catch the bus down to meet L off the 9.30pm train. It's rather unsettling on the bus, as I appear to be the only one who is dressed but then the bus is mainly full of women heading into town from Ilkeston.

I meet L and we tour the Vat & Fiddle, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem and finally end up in the Hand and Heart.

(Saturday 21st September)

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