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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Exactly What I Would Have Done

On the bike today, zigzagging my way around the pretty red/white barriers that are now up and down our street.

The gas people are digging the street up all week and expect us to be on hand to let them in the house whenever they want to access our gas supply, which is a tad difficult when you both work. Luckily we have Daughter down this week so she can do door opening duty.

I come home to find they’ve dug up part of our front garden and we now have our own pretty red/white barriers along with a ‘no naked flames’ sign. I assume they’re coming back to fill that in.

There’s no sign of L or Daughter, as L has talked her into a pump class. She may regret agreeing to that. I’m sure she’ll be asleep by the time I get back from dog class tonight... after she’s spent an hour cursing L. Although in the end it turns out she’s recovering in the pub, which is of course obviously exactly what I would have done. 

(Wednesday 4th September)

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