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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Doing A Half Marathon On No Training

The ankle is still sore. Walking and cycling are fine but I’m not sure about running which with the Nottingham Half this weekend is a bit problematic. At the moment I’m assuming I’m going to have to pull out unless I pass my late fitness test on Friday.

L seems to be chomping at the bit to take her understudy duties a bit too literally and to run in my place, not wanting to see the paid for entry wasted. That’s despite not doing any training for it of course, she’s even been googleing for websites on ‘doing a half marathon on no training’. Of which, there appear to be plenty.

It’s shame we can’t do it as a relay, we could probably just about manage that, but I think they might see it as blatant cheating. Not that we’d win or anything.

I also forgot to enter this year’s Turkey Trot when entries went live yesterday despite putting it in my diary. It’s full now. Probably for the best.

I spend a couple of hours on the phone to our insurers and they agree to replace L’s bike to the value of £649.99. I’m impressed. They’re going to post it, the bike, when we’ve decided what we want. So curly handlebars here we come or rather, here L comes and there’s also no need for her to sweet talk Santa now but hopefully that won’t stop her, Santa's receptive to that sort of thing.

Back home I replace the bar tape on the old war horse that L is considering using for work. I also dig out Son’s old D-Lock, which to my relief I eventually find in the shed. For a while there I was worried someone’s had nicked it...

(Wednesday 25th September)

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