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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Best Before

L's got the whole week off, well, she’s working from home. So the boys will be thrilled. Work will unknowingly be thrilled too, judging by how full of germs L is at the moment. I’m off to work to get out of the way.

This week’s shopping challenge - Caraway seeds, which L needs for a recipe. Although, I’m sure we have some in our spice rack. We do. L brushes away the cobwebs from the jar to find a Best Before date of December 2002. Quite old then. They should add a nice hint of mould to her recipe, unless of course they’ve matured like a fine wine? Perhaps best not risk it and get some new ones but I can’t as Sainsbury’s don’t appear to have any.

My wallet is currently lying whimpering in the corner after L persuaded me to buy some new kitchen chairs. Four of them no less, which I thought was a bit extravagant, so we must be expecting guests.

They arrived today. At least I think they did because what actually arrived was a ton of cardboard, Styrofoam, plastic wrap and sellotape. I assume under all that are some chairs but it may be sometime before we find out.

They are nice wooden ones, so much less abrasive on the new puppy’s teeth than metal. I suppose they could go upstairs out of the way of such teeth but then they’d get broken by visiting teenagers... Dilemmas dilemmas. I trust the dogs but perhaps I best scrub that new puppy off the Christmas list. Anyway I’d rather have them downstairs where I can see them, stroke them, kiss them etc... considering the price.

While L is at another Book Club knees up, their second this month, they really are such a bunch of tearaways, I cook Persian Lamb. It’s amazing what you can find on the net, amongst the Russian wives and the Viagra. Then I put the Christmas tree up, well, what’s left of it. I really can't believe how much our tree is malting. This is particularly shocking as it’s made of plastic.

(Tuesday 13th December)

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