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Thursday, 1 December 2011

A Ploy? Me? Never.

The BBC are in trouble after Jeremy Clarkson said he would like to see striking public sector workers taken outside and shot in front of their families. Bless him. Of course the media reported his little joke totally out of context but that’s what the media’s for I believe. What was even funnier was that the humourless Unison union clearly only saw the media’s version before going off on one. Which, at a stroke, not only made them look a bit stupid for not getting the joke but also meant they missed a golden opportunity to fire back a similar comment demanding an even worse fate for Clarkson, which not only would have been incredibly popular with the public but would have done more for their credibility than their strikes have.

Due to the ‘pay in advance, no refunds’ policy the council is now employing to squash bookings I have ended up with two bookings tonight at two different centres. I ring up and manage to persuade them to roll one over to next week. So everything is sorted, that is, until opponent cancels on me.

They’re more bolshie when I ring to move the second one and at first they won’t let me because I haven’t given the required 24 hours notice. So instead I try to talk L into a game. She's immediately wary and isn’t sure whether to be flattered or suspicious. She thinks it’s all a ploy to get her into a short skirt. A ploy? Me? Never.

As she’s clearly not that keen, I again try to reschedule and getting a different person this time, I succeed. Damn, it would have been nice to have seen the short skirt get an airing. Plus I’ve now again got two courts booked for next week.

All is not lost, far from it. We have an excellent night in instead, just the two of us, the two damp muddy dogs with their damp muddy footballs and L’s slow cooking corned beef hash in the oven. She knows all the top seduction techniques.

(Thursday 1st December)

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