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Friday, 23 December 2011

Not Terribly Festive

The roads are very quiet this morning; it seems a lot of folk have already finished for Christmas.

As requested by the people across the road the sandwich van parks right outside their office today to save them having to walk 50 metres to it, thereby increasing my already 50 metre+ walk by another 50 metres. I wouldn’t mind but they need the walk more than me and also only one of them is in the office today.

As a treat at work they are handing out Crème Eggs. Not terribly festive but equally I thought declining would be a very unfestive thing to do.

You can tell the Christmas shopping is over because L and her credit card have parted company. She says it’s over between them but I’m sure they’ll make up; they always seem to get back together. Her card always forgives her and takes her back.

After always releasing us at lunchtime on the last day of work before Christmas this year my company keep us in like naughty schoolboys. Bah Humbug. We finally get released at 4pm and I head off to meet L in Derby. Where she’s been cruising the wool shops...

Then together we cruise the Flowerpot, the Royal Standard, where we also eat, and the Silk Mill, where several people are clearly hoping to take a young elf home with them but she leaves them all disappointed. L seems to cope with the ale despite her taste buds still reeling after last night’s curry.

We get the bus home at 7.50! We’d make such crap teenagers but it’s been a cheap and productive evening. Off home to post-drink.

(Friday 23rd December)

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