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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Most Of Mine Seem Very Alcoholic

It’s wet and windy again today. I had wanted to bike again but wimped out. So I’ll just have to hope that I’ve done enough training for Monday’s half marathon, I’ve certainly done sufficient carbo loading and there’s more to come, but at least we’re running out of crème eggs here at work.

We have another family meal tonight, this time with L’s parents and some late Christmas presents. We cook the other leg from our lamb and serve a Chinese platter as a starter, a post-Christmas BOGOF from the supermarket. Then we light the anti-dog-smell candles and await our guests.

After dinner we exchange presents, Christmas really does go on and on these days... but more presents... yay! Most of mine seem very alcoholic, for some reason.

(Thursday 29th December)

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