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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hot And Bothered

It’s quite a bit milder today, very windy though, all in the wrong direction. I arrive at work by bike a bit hot and bothered and almost dry. The rain caught me with about two miles to go.

Naturally L disagrees about the ‘mild’ bit, muttering something about her hands dropping off but then she says that in June, before reiterating that she glad she’s not a cyclist in this downpour. She's glad she's not a cyclist in any weather... Anyhow, downpour? What downpour... oh, that downpour. It’s not so much the rain, I don’t mind that, it’s the wind and it’s actually getting worse.

It is dry by the time I cycle home but still very windy but the wind’s in right direction for once. So, wa-hey, it’s a fast ride home. T’was good.

L’s also glad she’s not going to be standing in some horse shed tonight. Ah. No problem, MD will create enough hot air to keep the whole class warm.

(Wednesday 7th December)

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