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Saturday 3 December 2011

Walking Home

I didn’t get up at 5am. I decided it wasn’t worth being on time to walk MD’s first course because it wasn’t one we’d do well on anyway as it included dogs up to G7. So an extra hour or so in bed ensued instead. In the end we got E’d but I don’t know if that down to not walking it or whether that would have happened anyway. Probably.

His second course was going to be the one we took home the first place trophy for and there’s a whole chicken leg waiting for him at home if he does, so I’m told. And for me? Probably just the leftovers.

The course turned out to be a bit trickier than what you’d expect in G3. Still, to my surprise and delight, we did the hard bit really well. So it’s all systems go until we missed out a weave pole and then for good measure took a pole down in the finish straight. We still came 20th with 10 faults. Which just goes to show we could have won that. Luckily there’s still the G3 jumping to come and we stand a good chance in that too but if he cocks that up as well, he’s walking home.

First though a G3-5 course where we’ll be beaten for sure by the G5s, though there’s no disgrace in that. The same judge who set the G3 sets a course that is oddly easier than the G3 one. I think he must have got them the wrong way around or perhaps he was spooked after only getting 8 clears from 140 dogs on the G3 one.

MD puts in a cracking run and we come 7th out of 224, beaten as expected by a load of G5s but still very very pleasing. Ah but then in the G3 Jumping, he has a shocker and we get E’d again. He really does pick the wrong classes to go well in. So he’s still walking home. It’s only 100 miles. See you later mate.

Meanwhile the old man so enjoyed his first ever Veterans run and he didn’t exactly pootle round it either, like a veteran is supposed to. In fact he comes 3rd, which is not to be sneezed at and I think he’s just secured the honour of the chicken leg.

Three rosettes in the end for the day.

My lunch time is spent in a meeting, arguing my clubs corner at a meeting to discuss one of the club competitions that we are involved in but that we may decide to withdraw from at tomorrow’s club AGM. So probably not time well spent.

(Saturday 3rd December)

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