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Saturday, 10 December 2011


We’re on the park this morning, counting the deer, seeing how many have escaped the winter slaughter that has been going on this week. Sad but true. Well perhaps not to Doggo and MD who have never had much time for them. Come to think of it, neither have I...

Then I get the bus over to Derby to check on another kind of slaughter, that of Derby County. This one doesn’t arrive and instead we get the most boring hour of football you’ll ever not want to see. There was one shot between the two sides in that time, in the 43rd minute from Bristol City, if you’re interested but then the game sort of burst into life. They scored, probably by accident, but this at least woke the crowd up and subsequently the Derby team who went on to score two good goals and win the game. Which is a nice novelty to start off my long weekend.

I have Monday off because straight from the match we head up to the Lakes. L needs to add another six miles to her running total if she’s going to make her 500 and the Langdale Christmas Pudding 10k is an old favourite of ours. I’m happy to tag along if there’s dark stuff to be drunk.

It could be a cold one tonight, so we might need that dark stuff to keep us warm. Actually whereas it’s a mere two degrees as we head out of Derby, it’s oddly a balmy six degrees in the Lakes but we’ll have a few anyway just in case we need the insulation.

We end up in Sticklebarn until closing time, which is a first. We’re normally in a beery sleep long before then. How people manage to cause mayhem after drinking is beyond me. I’m always just too inebriated to be bothered.

(Saturday 10th December)

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