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Tuesday 20 December 2011

This Apparently Is Progress

Day two of my course and we have a break in training when the fire alarm goes off. Down six flights of stairs, ten minutes stood stamping feet in cold in the Market Square and then back up six flights of stairs. So I’ve done by workout for the day.

Another day of HTML, XHTML, XML, S, M & XL etc (I made that last bit up). All a bit of a dogs breakfast really. It appears we are going to end up using HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, ASP.NET, MVC and SQL at work. Why use one programming language when six will do? This apparently is progress. It’s just like the old days when people used to come up with new computer languages for a laugh. Those were the days...

I was worried that by coming back to Nottingham Daughter would be missing out on some important hangovers that she would have got in Sheffield but she seems to have rehabilitated herself back in to society ok. She’s socialising at one of those gain-as-much-weight-as-you-can-in-one-sitting Chinese places this lunchtime. My colleague and I had considered it for lunch from our course, so we quickly scrub that idea. We go in Fat Cat instead. Slow service but a decent pint.

In the evening I head up to the Leisure Centre to join L in the pool, I need my tick for attending to keep my cashback prospects rolling along. Amazingly I remember how to swim. It’s been a long time.

(Tuesday 20th December)

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