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Thursday 8 December 2011

They Often Blow In Twos You Know

I’m back at Halfords for the second time this week replacing a headlight bulb. They often blow in twos you know, the assistant says. Yes I know and I’m sure you said that to me last time as well.

L has spotted this

Marmite Chocolate... You’ll love it or hate it...

No I don't so.

We have signed a pact. My squash opponent has promised to abstain from any sporting activity for 24 hours prior to tonight's game to remove the risk of cancelling again through injury. No excuses accepted tonight, he can come in a wheelchair if necessary. In return I have agreed to stay off the bike for fear of cancelling through bike breakdown.

I take the boys with me. Doggo does love a bit of boot sitting, although I’m not sure it does anything for MD.

It’s not a great game. Well, terrible actually, 0-5. Although I was very pleased with both the new racquet and new balls. The racquet packs a lot more punch than my old one, purely because it has new strings I guess. I just need to get the hang of how to use that punch... The balls had extra bounce, again I suppose purely due to being new.

The racquet it also the same as my opponent's, which is distressing as it makes us equals on the racquet front, so I can’t blame the equipment.

There are gritters everywhere tonight, ominous, or perhaps they just now have too much grit stockpiled.

(Thursday 8th December)

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