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Monday 26 December 2011

Too Much Dog Power

This morning the usual 5k run on Darley Park. I usually do this with Doggo but had intended to do it with MD this year in my attempt to reclaim our title of first dog across the line. We were unfairly beaten last year by a Smurf and his husky. When I say unfairly, I mean they were faster than us, which is very unfair.

As it turns out I run with both, as L isn’t keen to ruin her run by being attached to a dog, which is understandable. This has actually been my plan for the last two years but in both years its been too icy to have so much dog power at my fingertips. This year that’s not an issue as the weather is practically tropical.

My concerns about too much dog power appear justified when at the start Doggo’s wheels are spinning, his paws digging a channel in the soft earth, as I try to prevent us false starting. Meanwhile MD is spinning in circles trying to escape his lead. Total chaos. Which only gets worse when some idiot yells ‘go’ and the rest of the 150 or so runners head off onto the course. I try to hold the boys back for as long as I can. Impossible. So we rocket after the main field, achieving 0 to 60 in about two seconds.

Once we’re up to speed and heading in something approaching a straight line, things calm down a touch. Doggo takes control and leads us for the first 2k, then when he tires MD seamlessly takes over.

My father is waiting on the bridge, I don’t see him but Doggo does and slams his anchors on. It’s difficult to get him moving again after that, particularly as the course now takes us on a loop away from the finish but somehow MD gets us round. Then when we turn for home Doggo gets interested again and we power across the line. We come in a credible 51st but more importantly we are first dog or dogs home

After a quick pint we head to an annoyingly early kick off for the Boxing Day football match. From where I’m afraid I have to report the death of yet another Christmas tradition. Yes, the traditional Boxing Day defeat is no more as Derby beat Leeds, which is actually immensely satisfying as I text my Leeds supporting friend throughout.

After a quiet Christmas Day, Boxing Day is more manic with the kids now home and my parents coming over for a dinner of roast lamb. L cooks one of the two legs of lamb we acquired for the festive period, legs that I hope aren’t from the same animal as one is slightly shorter than the other.

(Monday 26th December)

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