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Wednesday 29 August 2012

A Deliberate Protest?

I get the bus to work and dodge the rain, just. A colleague arrives ten minutes later drenched.

There after it rains pretty much all day, which is good for L’s working from home, as both dogs pretend to be asleep in case she decides to chuck a ball or two. She tells me all this via email which now come from her Blackberry smartphone, she’s such a Gadget Girl these days.

She proposes one of her favourite meals tonight, liver and bacon. Which is admittedly not to everyone’s tastes. Son decides to go out for the night, all night. It’s not clear whether this was pre-planned or a deliberate protest.

It's still raining... I'm really looking forward to my run... I may need a wetsuit by 5pm. Finally, around 4pm, it stops. Although it’s probably just waiting around the corner for me.

In the end it’s not too bad a run, at least it stays dry, and another 18km done. So I'm feeling really fit for Sunday’s race, unless I’m confusing fit with feeling knackered.

(Wednesday 29th August)

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