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Tuesday 14 August 2012

You Couldn’t Make It Up

I run after work. It doesn’t go as well as last week's but it’s not too bad. 13km done. Better than nothing.

A meagre 4,700 turn up for Derby’s League Cup game tonight. A new ground record by some margin. Even I’m not among them, I’m not ready to taint the Olympic vibe with football yet and we always lose in the 1st round of the League Cup no matter who we play. This year the team to receive a bye are Scunthorpe United but boy, do we make them work for it.

We lead 3-0 at half time, 4-1 on the hour and then 5-3 with 90 minutes on the clock, having missed a penalty to make it six. The final score however is 5-5 after Scunthorpe score twice in injury time and then, after a scoreless half an hour of extra time, win on penalties. You just couldn’t make it up.

(Tuesday 14th August)

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