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Wednesday 22 August 2012

The Morning After The Night Before

Blimey that was hard. 62 minutes to cycle to work. Shoot me now.

L refers to the gym as excellent. She must be cheering up.

Daughter has arrived at her job interview in Sheffield. I know because I’m getting texted all the questions. She gets the job, serving in a hotel and then gets asked if she minds travelling to Nottingham for her first assignment. For once something is going to be convenient. It’s on Saturday, the morning after the night before, which is a friend’s birthday. I hope she wasn’t planning on getting too wrecked.

I decide to go for a swim. Purely financial, just for the end of year cashback. I doubt my legs will be up to more than about ten lengths.

It’s very very quiet in the pool, eerily quiet, normally there’s barely enough room to doggie paddle. Tonight there are only eight folk across the six lanes. All men, well apart from one but strictly no totty. So no distractions, no excuses, best swim then.

The post-cycling leg cramps hit me somewhere between 20-24 lengths and at about the same time someone comes to share my lane, so I stop. It’s actually filled up quite a bit. Twenty or so folk now. Still no totty though, might as well get out.

Doggo has a restless night, complete with vomiting, so we all have a restless night. Well apart from MD, he can sleep through anything.

(Wednesday 22nd August)

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