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Sunday, 19 August 2012

At The Races

Today we're at the races. Well, we have a dog show at Uttoxeter Racecourse today. I suppose they could have amalgamated some of the horse jumps into the course to make it even more interesting but they don’t.

After our first run, MD and I are already not speaking. L reckons he’s just ‘warming up’.

After our second run, we’re still not speaking. Obviously still ‘warming up’.

Into the afternoon and things aren’t getting any better, MD seems to have forgotten about his contact points and he gets his third elimination in a row. Meanwhile the old master shows him how it’s done, as Doggo gets a clear round in Veterans Jumping.

MD’s fourth and final run is actually rather good, perhaps because there are no contact points to hit as it’s a jumping course, until, ah, he goes the wrong way. I really don’t think he’s heard a word I’ve said to him all day. The red mist seems to have descended so far today that it's engulfed his ears.

So four eliminations out of four for MD. Consistent at least.

We still come home with a rosette though because today Doggo has a second run and an agility run at that. Shows don’t often put a full agility course on for the Vets, usually there's just a simple jumping course. Today they do and Doggo gets third place. He is good at his agility. The judge even complimented us on our run and his perfect contact points. MD take note.

(Sunday 19th August)

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