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Friday 24 August 2012

Life’s A Riot

Daughter is back again. At least we think she is, unless she gets offered another interview or something. She’s becoming a job junkie. No bad thing really...

She arrives and before you can say 'cocktail', Daughter and L are having a ‘quick’ 2-for-1 in the Ropewalk. ‘2-for-1’ means half the price for the same quantity, not the same price for double the quantity. Does it not?

L is already sloshed by the time she gets home, she never could cope with afternoon drinking.
Talking of which. In the wake of 'those' photos, the BBC poses the question ‘Is it normal to drink and end up naked?

Of course, Men have been using this technique on women for years, it just looks like this time someone’s turned the tables on poor Harry.

In the evening, everyone is out, well we’re not actually sure where Son is, so we stay in. We can do what we like, get drunk, order a takeaway, take naked pictures of each other on our mobile phones and send them to The Sun, anything really. Life’s a riot.

(Friday 24th August)

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