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Friday 31 August 2012

Morning Alarm Call

Somebody put potatoes in MD’s bowl and this is a sure way for somebody to get an early morning alarm call. In this case L, as I’ve already gone off to work. Although to be fair, I thought I’d put them in Doggo's bowl... It’s not really my fault if MD can’t differentiate and they had been there all night... So he's slipping, if he’s only just noticed.

Nobody has done any gardening around our work place for about two years despite the fact this is included in our rent. The car park particularly is an overgrown mess and we all have to walk around the tree that's grown in front of the front door. Today a man turns up with a chainsaw.

L and I decide to meet up straight from work, and head into Nottingham. We start in the Major Oak before moving on to eat in the Keans Head, which is something we’re been meaning to do since it opened years and years ago.

However we cannot resist the lure of the Old P in the Peacock and end up there again.

(Friday 31st August)

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