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Saturday 25 August 2012

Race Friendly

Daughter is working at the Belfry Hotel this morning and has to wear a white shirt and a black tie. So somebody likes a school theme for their wedding.

Having dispatched her we head up to the North West again, camping once more in Caton. Which is a good base and its far enough from the tourist areas not to be too busy.

Unfortunately the bank holiday whether seems to have arrived already, so rather than a nice summer's evening outside the local pub, we head into Lancaster to find out what delights that fair city holds.

The Three Mariners, which dates from the 1400's, is ok. They have a beer, which at 3.6% is not only race friendly but actually quite tasty. Naturally my food choice, Lasagne for pasta-power is off. My back up choice of steak pudding may well hold me back, as may the syrup sponge dessert, which L made me eat.

(Saturday 25th August)

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