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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Their Future In Her Hands

Daughter is call centre training today for a job to help students through University clearing. Their future in her hands... sounds fun, no pressure. She got the job after she gave the ‘worst interview of her life’. Which we took with a pinch of salt. We're used to her doing the ‘worse exam of her life’ and passing with flying colours.

She has a leisurely 8.45am start, which apparently will kill her. I can see who doesn’t make many 9am lectures.

Now here I am cycling to work, training hard on the bike for Rio 2016 and what are our athletes doing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, except for Trotty.

It appears that an Omnium Gold medal comes with a free Jason Kenny. At least we now know where he put in the extra sessions that enabled him to out-sprint Baugé.

This may all be a smokescreen for a medal free day at the Olympics. I'm expecting the resignation of the head of UK Sport. It’s simply not good enough.

I bike home, cut the lawn and exercise the dogs. Any triathlon Alistair Brownlie can do I can do better.

(Wednesday 8th August)

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