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Thursday 23 August 2012

The Art Of Bugger All

Daughter spends the day bossing new arrivals at the university around. She’s good at that sort of thing. Although she complains that mostly this involves doing bugger all and wants to go home and sleep instead e.g. do bugger all. Hmmm, she’s getting paid for this particular brand of 'bugger all' and anyway I would have though doing bugger all for money would appeal to a student.

I head off to do ‘that thing’ again tonight. You know, hitting those silly yellow balls about on those ridiculously small courts with the ridiculously high nets.

Then L proposes that we cancel our respective evenings of Tennis and Pump and paint the town red instead. Tempting.

Actually, she finds that her Pump class is cancelled for her. It’s just me who lets the side down. I actually win seven games tonight, pleased with that.

(Thursday 23rd August)

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