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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Good Working Conditions

L works from home again. The dogs will be thrilled. This means unlimited bedroom as opposed to unlimited settee, when only Son is at home. Of course they’re allowed neither but they’re all soft.

Anyone who thinks being at home with two students and two dogs isn’t conducive to good working conditions obviously doesn’t realise that none of them will be up before 1pm. Oh to be young and dynamic again, or a dog.

I run home and it’s possibly the most disrupted run ever. Firstly, I get multiple texts from Daughter. She’s been so desperate to come home for a break but now she has to return to Sheffield pronto for a job interview tomorrow. It’ll pay off for her when she finishes Uni I’m sure, her CV is getting more impressive by the day at the moment.

I also get texts from the dog club, which I reply to from a bus shelter just as it starts raining, torrentially. Where I stay until the rain abates. Then I get a call from L, offering to rescue me. Apparently its thunder and lightning where she is. It’s just stopped here, so I decline and start running again. Rather impressively I eventually stagger my way to around 18km.

Just in time, as it's starting to rain again. I head into my usual shop to get myself a drink where the two shop assistants fight over the right to not serve this man who is dripping water on the floor in front of them. They probably assume its all rain but actually it’s mostly sweat. I’ve had a bit of a charmed life as regards dodging the elements.

A fact that is reinforced when I come out of the shop and its bucketing it down. I edge along the side of the building under the edge of the roof and then leg it the short distance to the bus stop. By now it’s thundering. I don’t lean against the bus shelter in case it conducts something. A girl runs up and stops a few feet away from me, clearly struggling with the difficult choice of standing under the shelter and having me drip on her or standing in the deluge itself and possibly being struck by lightning. I’m pleased to say, she chose me.

The bus arrives but once on I’m dreading getting off. The rain isn’t easing. I text L. She’s still at the Tennis Centre gym, more importantly she has the car. I get off outside the Tennis Centre and leg it inside. Saved.

(Tuesday 21st August)

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