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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Pretty Exhausting Dog Napping

L is mostly working from home this week, so by the time I get home the dogs are already knackered. Having spent time catching up on all the barking on the park, fetching balls to be kicked on the lawn and of course doing some pretty exhausting dog napping.

So I join them in the garden, rather than take them out, and cut the lawn. Which is a slow process with MD throwing himself in front of the lawn mower at every opportunity.

L regales tales of a neighbour whose lad has returned from Uni to take up from where he left off three years previous, e.g. the settee. She’s given him a year before she makes him register himself homeless. Which I think is being a bit generous. I’m thinking more in terms of a fortnight when ours return.

(Tuesday 28th August)

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