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Saturday 18 August 2012


It’s the first match of the new football season tonight. Derby start well and get themselves into position to throw away a two goal lead, which of course they do, but it’s fair to say that they’re improving. It was a three goal lead they threw away on Tuesday and at least this time we couldn’t lose on penalties.

On the plus side, we have a swanky new video screen and they’ve restored the traditional badge to the shirts. On the negative side we have electronic advertising boards around the ground, which are immensely distracting from the game - obviously this could be seen as a good thing. They also cut the programme in half, presumably to save money. Only they haven’t reduced the number of pages, they’ve simply guillotined it in half. We must be seriously broke to have to do that.

Afterwards I head straight up to Sheffield on the train to meet Daughter and L. Which is rather bad planning as we’ve been playing Sheffield Wednesday, so I have to close my ears to the partying on the train.

We tour round the same pubs as last time. Eating in the Devonshire Cat, before stopping for one in the Old House before finishing in the Sheffield Tap, which is the right way round I think. The range in The Tap is so good, if we’d started there I don’t think I could have left.

(Saturday 18th August)

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