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Wednesday 7 October 2015

A Decent Replacement

I don’t avoid the rain today and L helpfully suggests that I shake my wet self all over my work colleague who got Glasto tickets. Not that she’s bitter.

Actually after the Glastonbury failure I have started looking at Bestival. It might be a decent replacement for a couple of hip old rockers like L and I.

We do a pub lunch today. Yep, tut tut. I know it’s only Wednesday but we have brought it forward from tomorrow due to the Beer Festival.

So having already broken the AF, it would be rude to say no to a pint in the Masons with L later after dog training. This is going to become a regular occurrence as she has vowed to try to get to see her folks more or less weekly. Which will most likely always end up in a cheeky visit to the pub. This is afterall a ball free oasis where she can read her books. That is, until I turn up and disturb her. 

(Wednesday 7th October)

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