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Monday 12 October 2015


L is heading up to Stockport today to be scanned and probably other things as part of the Biobank project that we are both enrolled in. They keep nagging me to go as well but I just haven’t got the holiday to fit it in. L combines the trip with a lunch appointment with Daughter for whom it’s a short trip over from Manchester.

Instead I have the delight of the dentist where I see yet another different one who tells me I’m not brushing enough. The last one told me I was over-brushing. He also tells me I need to have them cleaned by the hygienist who isn’t free until January.

After that it’s up onto the hill for a bit of dogging, where’s it’s a tad bracing. We are still back home before L who’s had a long day jetsetting.

(Monday 12th October)

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