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Thursday, 1 October 2015


Doggo is driving us all mad trying to chew his rear legs off. This is usually because he needs a vet to stick their fingers up his bottom and give him the famous squeeze. I have booked him an appointment for Monday, hopefully he can delay chewing a limb off until then and L can hold off shoving his paw down his throat to stop him.

I keep up the training by biking to work and then playing squash. This means I’m exhausted by half way through the squash match and don’t offer much resistance in the later games but it’s all about the training.

L runs there, walks the boys and then meets us in the pub.

Then I see announced the return of Lush! Wow.

That's not a reunion I ever expect to see, sadly it's only possible to do a three quarters reunion. Could be emotional! 

It says they intend to a full tour, so I’ll wait for that rather than rushing down to London. Hopefully they will come local. 

(Thursday 1st October)

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