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Sunday 25 October 2015

Let's Keep A Secret

It’s almost perfect conditions for the Leicester Half, if perhaps a little cold but it’ll warm up I'm sure. We again used the 'secret' entrance to the car park actually on Victoria Park where the race start. Please don't tell anyone, let's keep it a secret.

This race has come on a lot since I last ran it two years ago but it does still feel like it’s being organised as a small local race rather than a big city one that it currently pulling 2,500. At least race packs were posted out this year and we don’t get the timing chip fiasco of 2013. There’s nothing really wrong with the race, it could just be ran a lot slicker and I really wish they would do away with the drinks in cups. This cost me at least a minute as I can’t run and drink, so have to slow to a walk.

That said I liked the course back in 2013 and did a good time. It doesn’t appear to have changed, so I like it just as much this time.

I get a good start as we head out along the Melton Road and out of Leicester. The first half is all on main roads then at 6 miles we hit Watermead Country Park where the race splits and the full marathoners are sent off somewhere. I know not where.

Us halfies do a long stint through Watermead and other assorted Leicester Parks before ending up at the National Space Centre at mile 10 and then onto Abbey Park. Mile 12-13 takes us through the pedestrianised shopping centre before the tough last mile up a persistent incline back to Victoria Park.

I cross the line with an official chip time of 1:40:01, very pleased with that. Over two minutes off my time at Derby two weeks ago and a similar amount off my time here in 2013.

Oddly, according to my watch I was actually behind my Derby pace at all the mile markers bar the last one. I was apparently a minute down at times, even at mile 12 I was still 22 seconds behind. Then suddenly at mile 13 I was 70 seconds up and the last .1 took 60 seconds where at Derby it took an alleged 4:36! The vagaries of mile markers....

The medal and long sleeved technical T-shirt aren't great but they did put crisps in the goody bag for the dogs.

After getting back to Nottingham, I drop L at the Tennis Centre gym and head home to watch the Rugby.

We head out later but miss the bus to Stapleford, which was our intended destination. Rather than wait half an hour for the next we get the tram to Beeston from the rather weird elevated QMC stop. They have OP on at the White Lion, where we stay for one despite it having on a rather raucous Brazilian night before moving next door to the Star, which has a rather nice vanilla porter.

We get the bus back. 

(Sunday 25th October)

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