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Friday 30 October 2015

Ready For My Weekend Ride

Wiggle come up trumps yet again and deliver L’s new, hopefully squeak free, trainers. They’re sort of a shocking salmon pink colour. Horrific really but she’ll love them.

I’m on the bus as I’m pedalling at the velodrome tonight and I head straight there from work for the session which starts at 6pm, ready for my weekend ride, as they say. Bike manufacturer Colnago have clearly tapped into this thought...

...and have since apologised for their ill thought out advert having quickly got the publicity they intended. 

Had they worded the caption a little differently it may have gone under the radar completely but that probably wasn’t their aim. They may, of course, have been planning to run a second ad of a similar picture starring a hunky lad in Lycra but now we’ll never know. I really don’t have a problem with this sort of thing as long as it works both ways. Now if only she’d move over a bit so that we can get a better look at the bike.

Tonight’s track session is apparently a level B session, the last one I did was for both A’s and B’s. So tonight I’m with the novices... and it’s a little easier than the last one. I do much better in the sprints and in the Keirin. There’s no Elimination Race tonight which is a shame but they do give us tips on nutrition, training and the like. They also give lessons on using the rollers to warm up. I gallantly have a go with not much success but it’s something to work on.

My Dad again comes to watch and L collects me afterwards, after getting her own training in by running around Pride Park. 

(Friday 30th October)

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