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Monday 19 October 2015

Get In

Entries open for the Thunder Run at 10am this morning. Not that it’s in my hands, that’s the responsibility of our team captain. A ‘Get in!!!’ posting on the Facebook Group from her I think means we're in.

I ring Park Bike Works and they confess that they haven’t actually ordered the wheel for my bike yet because their account is on stop with the supplier. So basically they haven’t paid their bills and they appear to have no idea when they might pay them.

I’m told that I can have my bike back if I want but they’d need time to reassemble it first as they’ve already stripped it down. I tell them I’ll give them another couple of days.

L goes off to Sweatshop, where presumably they’ll be celebrating their inclusion in TR24 and I go dogging

(Monday 19th October)

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