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Friday 23 October 2015

Like A Young Filly

The gasman comes and fails to fix our hot water problems although he says he has. He seemed more concerned in switching our gas supply back to British Gas. He has no chance on that score.

I collect my bike at lunchtime. They don’t offer me a discount for the week long delay but I demand one and get one. £70 tumbles to £58.50, so not bad. I might even consider them again.

They have actually done a good job as they also seem to have adjusted the gears and brakes. I'm guessing their mechanics didn't have much else to do if they've been unable to order any parts for a week. It’s a very smooth ride home, as smooth as on that young filly of L’s that I borrowed earlier in the week.

When I arrive home MD, bless him, brings me two of his balls (he’s a three ball dog) before I even open the back door, meaning he’s been stashing them in the house. Hmmm, no Bonios for him tonight.

(Friday 23rd October)

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