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Saturday 24 October 2015


As MD is in such blinding form at the moment I have booked a show today in far off Richmond. That’s the Yorkshire Richmond. Well, he’s blinding when it goes right less so when it doesn’t. We have six runs today so hopefully one of them might be blinding.

First though, of course, a parkrun. I drop L at the nearest which is in Northallerton, it’s about a ten mile detour but I have a girl on a mission. It means an early start but leaving home at 5.45am is adequate.

MD goes clear in his first agility run and comes 5th, so not a bad start. His second run was even better until... he leapt off the dog walk as if it was on fire, thereby missing the vital contact point. L asks if the judge spotted it. I think so, as it was probably visible from Mars. Then I hauled him back to do it properly which got us eliminated. Sadly it was our sort of course and a top placing was clearly possible.

After her run, L gets the bus to Richmond itself and then attempts to run to us at the Equestrian Centre. She gets lost, so we drive off to pick her up and get lost as well. What a pair... Eventually we find each other.

In MD’s other runs, minor errors cost us in three of them but on the fourth we get beautiful clear round on a difficult course. We win this by half a second. Hurrah. Win number one of three required to go up to Grade 6. The Champ and I will be on cordial terms this evening.

We head home for a night in. Leicester Half tomorrow.

(Saturday 24th October)

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