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Thursday 15 October 2015

A Blessing In Disguise

I’m forced onto the bus by a lack of a bike, although this might be a blessing in disguise as regards saving my legs for squash tonight.

L is so jealous of my Vitruvian Triathlon hoodie that she’s been contemplating entering next year’s event. Well, entries are now open...

The stress of whether to enter or not is bad enough. I’d hate to think what the stress would be like if she actually did enter.

In the end (well, at the moment) she’s decided to not do so and to work her way up to it, perhaps with 2017 in mind, by doing one half marathon and one sportive a month. Oh the stress...

The patient is still in the repair shop, they haven’t got the wheel in yet. So I am back on the trusty Red Arrow again and will have to pick the bike up tomorrow instead.

Squash is interesting and is nicely poised at 2-1 to him with me leading in the 4th when his back goes and we have to abort. 

(Thursday 15th October)

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