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Thursday 29 October 2015

Taken In Hand

I just about timed it right on the bike and avoided the worst of the rain. It was bright and sunny when I left but the rain chased me all the way to Derby.

L enters the Dirty Dash at Holme Pierrepont. I shall come and watch that, it was great fun last year. I’ll even offer to hose her down afterwards. 

Tonight though it's not hoses that are required but duct tape. She asks to be taken in hand and suggests those sorts of measures. Sounds like quite a night.

She is referring to her inner plague of locusts, if you follow, So I ban her from the kitchen, I’m cooking tonight, but she heads off to the gym for an hour anyway because there's nothing to eat there. When she gets home I escort her straight to the bedroom, nothing to eat there either.

(Thursday 29th October)

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