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Friday 2 October 2015

Raise The Alarm

L announces she is going to move the alarm clock ten minutes earlier. I’m not totally sure what the plan is for these extra ten minutes and we do already put our existing alarm call to good use but I’m happy to go with the flow.

My lady of leisure pops into work for an hour, then heads off for a haircut before working from home for the rest of the day and chucking balls, of course. Ball chucking has actually entered a new realm since most of the trees went. You can chuck the ball an impressively long way now. MD seems up to the challenge though.  
The new hairdo turns out to be a bit on the short side, even for L. I can see I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping at the clip-on ponytail shop this year. She says you don't look at the mantelpiece while you're stoking the fire or so the saying goes. I have a saying too, never underestimate the effect of a good quality mantelpiece.

As I’m out again tonight, continuing to celebrate Cask Ale Week, this time with the ex-University guys in Bingham, L is treating herself (and the dogs) to a roast chicken. Naturally a Sunday roast on a Friday night is a no no but I do pinch some and dunk it in the leftover Madras sauce from our takeaway on Sunday. It’s an excellent improvised meal to fortify myself before the night ahead.

(Friday 2nd October)

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